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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Posted by Mike Hornok
May 24, 2015 at 11:24 am

The Motor Bookstore recently reviewed the 101 Sportbike Performance Projects book, published by Motorbooks and written by Evans Brasfield. Towards the end of this review we provide our independent opinion

101 Sportbike Performance Projects Book Review

101 Sportbike Performance Projects Review

There is no more powerful feeling of freedom than driving down the road on your own sportbike. Modifications on these masters of speed are common, but require an expert or access to 101 Sportbike Performance Projects: Suspension, Fuel, Injection, Exhaust, Clutch Brakes, etc.

There are many projects you can do to make the sportbike customized to your tastes. These projects can change the look and feel of the bike and provide boosts to performance and even longevity. Without a resource like 101 Sportbike Performance Projects, you’d be hard pressed to do them on your own unless you had an intimate knowledge of the bikes.

It outlines everything from simple everyday maintenance projects like oil changes and chain replacement to getting your hands dirty with fuel injection tuning and clutch replacement.  If you’re a weekend mechanic or an amateur gearhead that loves to tinker, then the projects in the book are for you.

Why is this book the most trusted resource on sportsbike projects? You can thank writer Evans Brasfield for that. He’s a motorcycle journalist and former editor of Sport Rider and Motorcycle Cruiser magazines. His years of experience not only covering sportsbikes, but also working on them, give him a unique knowledge and perspective.

The book’s clear and concise writing with pictures and step-by-step instructions through each of these projects are designed to keep your bike on the road and at peak performance. Don’t let your local mechanic charge you thousands of dollars for projects you can do in your garage…but only if you have 101 Sportbike Performance Projects.

The Motor Bookstore rates this book 4 out 5 starsrating 4 out of 5 stars .

You can purchase this book on sale here at: The Motor Bookstore.