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Best OHV Parks: List of Legal Places to Drive Your Jeep or 4×4

Posted by Alexandra Martin-Banzer
August 10, 2014 at 3:24 pm

Are you looking for legal places to drive your Off Highway Vehicle (OHV)? In this article, The Motor Bookstore takes a stab at providing a list of the best OHV parks by City and State to legally drive your Jeep or other 4×4 vehicle.

Best OHV Parks - 2008 Jeep Wrangler

No matter the season, your Jeep is constantly waiting to be taken off-road. That is the beauty of owning one.  An apocalypse happens during your daily commute to work? Your Jeep has you covered. Earthquake causes your driveway to become covered in boulders and rocks? Your 4×4 will crawl right over them, giving you plenty of time to drop the kids off at school. Owning an OHV approved car that can handle almost any terrain you take it on is a great feeling. Though it is not such a great feeling when you accidentally trespass on private property when you attempt to do some quick off-roading in your apocalypse car. To avoid getting in the bad kind of trouble with your Jeep, we recommend getting in the good kind of trouble that consists of figuring out how to maneuver your car down an advanced trail that is located at one of the best OHV parks in the country.

We did our research on the best OHV parks that consist of all types of terrain and will be a good time for all skill levels. We started with locating OHV parks near the 10 biggest cities in the US that are 4×4 and Jeep friendly, but this list is far from complete and we want to keep it growing with your help. Do you have a recommendation? Let us know in the comments!

Chicago, Illinois
   Luster’s Longhorn Mud Ranch
   238 Miles from Chicago

Dallas, Texas
   Northwest Park
   69.4 Miles from Dallas

Houston, Texas
   Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area
   234 Miles outside of Houston

Los Angeles, California
   Lake Arrowhead
   80 Miles From LA

New York, New York
   Lewis County
   297 Miles from New York

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
   Rausch Creek Off-Road Park
   83 Miles from Philadelphia

Phoenix, Arizona
   Black Hills Box Canyon
   60.3 Miles from Phoenix

San Antonio, Texas
   Cline Ranch
   37.7 Miles from San Antonio

San Diego, California
   Hungry Valley
   181 Miles from San Diego

San Jose, California
   Hollister Hills
   58.6 from San Jose

Alexandra Martin-Banzer is a content writer at and a freelance writer. Known as a car girl, she is a true automotive enthusiast of both classics and new.

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