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Farm Tractor Repairs – DIY and Save!

Restored Farm Tractgor
Posted by Mike Hornok
August 30, 2015 at 8:16 am

It is hot and dry, perfect weather for cutting hay. However, Mr. Murphy of Murphy’s Law has been busy on your farm, and your tractor has problems. You cannot get important work finished until the tractor is fixed, and they tell you at the tractor shop that it will be at least three weeks before they can get to your repair. So, in the spirit of farmers everywhere, it is time to do-it-yourself.

Of course, the idea of doing your own farm tractor repair may be intimidating at first. There are so many parts and pieces, and you may wonder if you will just make things worse by trying it on your own. However, you have the advantage of living in the information age. Many times, by using the World Wide Web even a novice tractor mechanic can figure out the problem, search for repair tips on sites like YouTube and online forums, and order the tractor repair manual for almost any tractor here at The Motor Bookstore.

Identify the Problem

Because tractors are generally less complicated than other kinds of vehicles, diagnosing the problem may be simpler than you might think. If you have a DIY manual, you may be able to look up the problem and find a few possibilities. Sometimes, neighboring farmers may be able to help you figure out the problem, and if that fails, you can also Google the issue and figure out what has gone wrong.

Have the Proper Tools

To work on your tractor, you will definitely want to have the correct tools. To turn many of the nuts and bolts on a tractor, you probably will need a socket set that is much larger than what people typically have on hand. Extra-large wrenches are also handy. Additionally, a large can of spray oil, such as WD-40 can make turning grime-encrusted bolts just a little easier.

When you buy these tools, try to get the best quality that you can afford. You will save little money if your cheap wrenches break, and when inexpensive sockets slip on the bolts that they are supposed to turn, you will wish that you had invested a little more cash in your tools. Quality tools will make every tractor repair go a little bit more smoothly.

Call a Buddy

Many tractor repairs will take more than one person to perform. You may need someone to help you remove heavy parts, hand you tools, and figure things out. Not to mention that it is always a good idea to have two people trying to remember how things went together in the first place.

Look to the Future

Even if your farm equipment is currently working properly, on a farm, you cannot take that for granted. There will come a day when rain is in the forecast, and 75 acres of fabulous alfalfa hay is lying on the ground waiting to be baled. Farming is your livelihood, and you need to plan for the future and be prepared for breakdowns by having farm tractor repair manuals on hand for all of your machinery, proper tools on in the tool shed, and the willingness to dive in and attempt your own farm tractor repair.

Invest In Your Farm

Buying tools to work on your tractor and DIY or OEM Factory Reprint Manuals may seem expensive. However, by purchasing these items, you are really investing in your farm. By preparing yourself to perform your own farm tractor repair, you will not have to deal with frustrating delays while you wait for the repair shop to tackle your repair. Additionally, you will save money, since you will not have to pay a mechanic to repair your tractor.

After you have made a few repairs, working on your tractor will not seem so scary, and you will get a better idea of how things work. Use these tips to get started in the world of DIY tractor repairs.

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