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How-To Beat The Winter Blues – Repair Your Motorcycle Now!

Posted by Mike Hornok
February 15, 2014 at 8:59 pm

The winter of 2014 has been unkind to many, many Americans.  From major snow storms in the north to crippling ice storms in the south.   The temperatures have been the coldest we have seen in 30 years.  I would bet that you certainly don’t want to get out in the cold to repair your motorcycle.

So, how do you beat the winter blues?  One idea is to dream about the warmer days just around the corner.  You know, the kind of day where you can saddle up on your motorcycle, take it for a much needed long cruise and enjoy the freedom that only the open highway can provide.

Here’s a nice video that might get your juices flowing for the nice, warm days ahead. It was the start of a Motorcycle Charity Rally recorded this past summer in Plano, Texas:

So, why not take advantage of the cold days now so you can repair your motorcycle and be ready for the spring days that are just a few weeks ahead. If you can find a warm place in your garage or workshop, it’s really the perfect time to start doing a little service and repair on your bike.

If you need a little help working on your bike, why not pick up one of our step-by-step, comprehensive motorcycle manuals to help you service and repair your motorcycle yourself and save. Here’s a great place to shop for the right motorcycle service and repair manual at the The Motor Bookstore.

So how do you beat the winter blues? The Motor Bookstore recommends that you start working on your motorcycle now so you will be ready to take that well deserved cruise as soon as the weather breaks!!

By the way, Bike Week 2014 in Daytona, Florida is only a few weeks away. If you have never been, we highly recommend Bike Week. It’s a total blast!

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